Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sport concepts for real life.

1. How might you incorporate the ideas listed on page 119 into your teaching?

It is interesting how the concept of using sports to encourage top performance was used even by Paul, a new testament bible writer. Paul spoke mostly to the Romans and knowing their love of the Olympic Games, he taught many life lessons for Christians using the philosophies of the Olympic trainers. Press on towards the goal to win the prize... Phil 3:14
As a society, our love of sports has not diminished and although the world of competition is slowly falling away for our young ones ( as they now only award participation ribbons in many schools and refuse to acknowledge winners) the love of the sport, the challenge, and the triumph is still prevalent.

If I had a class, I would use all of the concepts from below to teach students. I would teach these concepts at the very beginning of the year. I would spend a week focused on these concepts because I see their value in encouraging achievement in and out of the classroom.

I heard a story of a group of athletes, the Vikings. While other countries used slaves to row their boats daily the vikings always rowed their own. When it came time for battle, the vikings, who were strengthened because of their hard work were stronger, fitter and mightier than their opponents. Thus they were a force to be recon with.

What an appropriate concept for everyone. Talent will not get you to be the best at anything, even pro athletes train hard. We need to teach our students that the same goes for the muscle of the brain. My favorite concept was 'show up for practice and for the main event.

10 concepts used in sport to encouraged top preformance.-Coil, Encouraging Achivement

1. Show up for practice and for the main event.
2. Know where you are heading and know what the goal is.
3. Have several game plans, not just one.
4. Don't count on the one thing that is the least likely to occur.
5. Work toward small goals (short-term goals) to reach larger goals.
6. Practice skill before the big preformance.
7. Don't give up because you get a penatly or make a mistake
8. Figure out what you want to accomplish and then plan backwards.
9. Have a choach and have people who cheer you on.
10. Work as a team to get things done.

I would also add a few to use with sports and life.

Start out slow, practice slow and repeat, you will get faster and better at what you are doing.

Don't cheat, it is no fun for anyone and in the end you only cheat yourself.

Find a mentor (someone to cheer you on) and be a mentor (someone to rejoice with).

Learn to be a good sport, when you lose and win.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Encouraging leaning online class journal

Killer phrase Posted by Michelle Lynch at Saturday, April 24, 2010 12:17:31 PM MDT
Journal ~

Respond to the following:

Add at least 3 more thoughts to the "Killer Phrases that Discourage Achievement" on page 34. Discuss one that resonates with you and how you might change your attitude about it.

Here are 3 more "Killer Phrases that Discourage Achievement."

I really don't like this kid so what do I care if he/she succeeds.

I, myself, am done learning!

The system really sucks.

And one more... This students doesn't want to be here why should I care more about their academic achievement than they do?


I have heard a number of teachers state that if they could just close the doors and teacher their students thing would be so much better. But we can't. As teachers we have to deal with administration, budget cuts, politics, parents, CSAP and so on. Our focus is never only on our students. Most teachers don't get into teaching because it is a convenient job, they don't chose this type of career for the pay or the days off, at least not anymore. Most teacher get into teaching because they care about students They want their students to achieve and if they could devote their resources, emotions and creativity into the student they most likely would. Teachers teach because they care. But, I have seen as years go by and an idealistic teacher becomes jaded because of many disappointment in the system, their attitude changes. I think for my own personal attitude I would try very hard to remember and write down why I got into teaching in the first place. I would keep my eye on the prize, aim for the goal and do my very best. And if the day come where the system has broken down my resolve and I become an ineffective teacher I would seek a new career, opening the position to a new enthusiastic teacher. I would knowing that I did the very best I could and that I gave every one of my students the very best that I had to offer.


This has been my real life experience with my own adopted children and I wasn't even paid for caring for them, but I can hold my head up and honestly say. " I didn't count the number of years, I made the number of years count."- author unknown

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heart Break

Every time my world starts to mend,
My heart gets broken once again.

Every time things seem alright
I allow in love and let go of the fight

How many times can a heart take a cut
and bleed out profusely before you give up?

How deep can a person sink down to despair
Before it's too much, thinking life’s too unfair.

Why, oh God Why did I open my heart?
Why did I let them in from the start.

God is the healer, the forever mender,
He sews up my gaping wounds and makes my heart tender.

To love again, to have hope and a prayer.
When I only want, hate, destruction, despair.

Daily I walk this life full of pain,
disappointment, frustration, Loss and no gain.

Daily I walk in the JOY of small things
That I've learn to value because of the pains.

My hearts hurting now, but it won't be forever
God will mend it by His precious SPLENDER

And my world will begin to mend...
and hurt will come once again.

But in-between those deep dark places,
God's love will shine and fill my heart spaces.

He is Good and He does love me,
Pain will come, but He will set me free.

And when the day comes that I draw my last breath
I will say I've hurt deeply...
but it is cuz I loved best.

The Eye of the Princess

Princess' eye is doing fantastic after the eye surgery , the doctor says everything looks better than she expected. Her eye sight is slowly returning as she had lost it again after the surgery. the glaucoma looks to be gone and all is healing well. Praises be to our Father in Heaven, the Healer and the doctors he brought into our life.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Princess' eye.

Okay, here is the latest.

On Monday we meet with a Dr. Ruth from Children's eye surgery in Arvada 10am We are meeting at Children's Hospital. She is going to do an extensive exam. She is looking for signs that Lauren's eye "shifted" or moved when she was in the accident.

We have already had one DR. look for this exact thing and he said it did not move. It will be good to have a second opinion.

Two choices are left. If the eye did move this is what is blocking the drainage and this is why the pressure is so high. In this case Lauren must have surgery on Tuesday. It will be a major surgery with a 50% success rate and a 50% chance that she will have to have the surgery again. They put a penny size tube in her eye. there is also a chance that this could allow too much drainage.

If It looks like the eye did not move then the DR wants to do a surgery on Wed that will involve a small incision in Lauren's eye with a small stitch.

Last night I received a call from Porter Hospital for intake for Tuesday's surgery. I am hoping this is the Dr.'s was just covering all her bases for the worst case scenario since we haven't met with her yet and she hasn't done the full exam yet.

God's will be done. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We love you all and covet your prayers and encouragement.

Michelle, Carl and Lauren Lynch

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

36 years old

On Sunday we went to the Miniature Museum with our dear Svaldi friends. Nothing says you are old like seeing the toys you remember playing with when you were a child displayed behind a glass.

On the 29 of January I will be 36 years old.

In prior years by this time I would always have my birthday plans made for some fun and exciting, out of the ordinary celebration. I love my birthday.

This year it is now the 6th and I have not thought of one thing to do. I guess with planning my Oldest Daughters wedding Ceremony for June 12, and her baby shower for March. With becoming a grandma and a mother in law in one year this has placed my birthday celebration on the back burners.

Maybe I have grown up. YEA RIGHT.

I know when the pains and bitter sweetness of this last year have finally loosen their grasp I will get back to my childish and fun loving self.

I am still sore from the toll this year has taken on my heart but even more so I am in awe of the healing the Great and Awesome God has done there.

I planned on holding onto the cynicism and disappointment that I have been nursing since April. This has been a really rocky road. I lost my beloved step dad, my daughter Angel became Angela ( my name for when her personally is totally unrecognizable and she tries to destroy our family) Princess lost her eye sight in one eye in that terrible accident, then Beans decided to rock our world with violence, leading us to believe we had lost her too.

I constantly worried about getting an Ulcer.

Yet through this things God was able to grant miracle upon miracle… and I WAS ABLE TO SEE THEM. I just have to stand back speechless to the wonders and promises of our God.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

This year I will be 36 years old. I have the greatest friends. A family that has pulled together in times of tragedy and sorrow and a GOD who can completely restore a broken, battered and bitter heart.

I Must be a Princess, I must be deeply loved.