Saturday, April 24, 2010

Encouraging leaning online class journal

Killer phrase Posted by Michelle Lynch at Saturday, April 24, 2010 12:17:31 PM MDT
Journal ~

Respond to the following:

Add at least 3 more thoughts to the "Killer Phrases that Discourage Achievement" on page 34. Discuss one that resonates with you and how you might change your attitude about it.

Here are 3 more "Killer Phrases that Discourage Achievement."

I really don't like this kid so what do I care if he/she succeeds.

I, myself, am done learning!

The system really sucks.

And one more... This students doesn't want to be here why should I care more about their academic achievement than they do?


I have heard a number of teachers state that if they could just close the doors and teacher their students thing would be so much better. But we can't. As teachers we have to deal with administration, budget cuts, politics, parents, CSAP and so on. Our focus is never only on our students. Most teachers don't get into teaching because it is a convenient job, they don't chose this type of career for the pay or the days off, at least not anymore. Most teacher get into teaching because they care about students They want their students to achieve and if they could devote their resources, emotions and creativity into the student they most likely would. Teachers teach because they care. But, I have seen as years go by and an idealistic teacher becomes jaded because of many disappointment in the system, their attitude changes. I think for my own personal attitude I would try very hard to remember and write down why I got into teaching in the first place. I would keep my eye on the prize, aim for the goal and do my very best. And if the day come where the system has broken down my resolve and I become an ineffective teacher I would seek a new career, opening the position to a new enthusiastic teacher. I would knowing that I did the very best I could and that I gave every one of my students the very best that I had to offer.


This has been my real life experience with my own adopted children and I wasn't even paid for caring for them, but I can hold my head up and honestly say. " I didn't count the number of years, I made the number of years count."- author unknown