Saturday, February 20, 2010

Heart Break

Every time my world starts to mend,
My heart gets broken once again.

Every time things seem alright
I allow in love and let go of the fight

How many times can a heart take a cut
and bleed out profusely before you give up?

How deep can a person sink down to despair
Before it's too much, thinking life’s too unfair.

Why, oh God Why did I open my heart?
Why did I let them in from the start.

God is the healer, the forever mender,
He sews up my gaping wounds and makes my heart tender.

To love again, to have hope and a prayer.
When I only want, hate, destruction, despair.

Daily I walk this life full of pain,
disappointment, frustration, Loss and no gain.

Daily I walk in the JOY of small things
That I've learn to value because of the pains.

My hearts hurting now, but it won't be forever
God will mend it by His precious SPLENDER

And my world will begin to mend...
and hurt will come once again.

But in-between those deep dark places,
God's love will shine and fill my heart spaces.

He is Good and He does love me,
Pain will come, but He will set me free.

And when the day comes that I draw my last breath
I will say I've hurt deeply...
but it is cuz I loved best.

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