Saturday, September 27, 2008

Picture day

Sonshine had pictures today with his soccer team.

We needed to be there by 1 pm and at 12:35, Sonshine couldn't find his uniform. He solved his problem by putting on a mis match throw together multi blue uniform. I was not a happy mama. I has spent the summer helping him organize his room so that he could have a place for everything and everything in it's place, including his uniform.

How in the world did he misplace it? I started in with the usual "you better find your actual uniform or you can forget going to pictures..." "I am not wasting my time helping you anymore, I can't believe you lost your uniform, why isn't it where it needs to be?" and so on. He was frantically looking, angry and frustrated.

Then suddenly all that wonderful parent training kicked in. Since groaning at him wasn't working and we were both just getting angry and more frustrated I decided to change tactics.

"You know what Sonshine, I am taking on a problem that isn't mine and I am very sorry, I want to take you to your picture, I really don't want you to miss them." I said. " I am going to take you as soon as you find your uniform. The pictures are at 1pm and it is now 12:50."

I walked out of the room disappointed and assuming that we would be missing pictures. but, this way if he missed pictures it would be his fault not mine.

His little sister piped in. "I'll help you look brother." together at 12:57 they located the missing uniform and we hussled to pictures, we were late and I half expected the pictures to be over but he made it just in time. Afterwards, he thanked me for taking him to pictures. I never expected a thank you.


AHHHHHHHHHH. I blog so much that I can never remember the user name or the password. I have wonderful things to say... to share, Yet it takes me a very very long time to figure out how to get on here and by then I must move on to the next thing, like taking care of the kids or I have forgotten what I wanted to write in my frustration. Don't panic though, I have now written the important information down and I am set to go the next time I get a chance to share my thoughts of the day.

Boy I hope I remember what I did with the information I wrote down.