Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Princess' eye.

Okay, here is the latest.

On Monday we meet with a Dr. Ruth from Children's eye surgery in Arvada 10am We are meeting at Children's Hospital. She is going to do an extensive exam. She is looking for signs that Lauren's eye "shifted" or moved when she was in the accident.

We have already had one DR. look for this exact thing and he said it did not move. It will be good to have a second opinion.

Two choices are left. If the eye did move this is what is blocking the drainage and this is why the pressure is so high. In this case Lauren must have surgery on Tuesday. It will be a major surgery with a 50% success rate and a 50% chance that she will have to have the surgery again. They put a penny size tube in her eye. there is also a chance that this could allow too much drainage.

If It looks like the eye did not move then the DR wants to do a surgery on Wed that will involve a small incision in Lauren's eye with a small stitch.

Last night I received a call from Porter Hospital for intake for Tuesday's surgery. I am hoping this is the Dr.'s was just covering all her bases for the worst case scenario since we haven't met with her yet and she hasn't done the full exam yet.

God's will be done. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We love you all and covet your prayers and encouragement.

Michelle, Carl and Lauren Lynch

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