Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sport concepts for real life.

1. How might you incorporate the ideas listed on page 119 into your teaching?

It is interesting how the concept of using sports to encourage top performance was used even by Paul, a new testament bible writer. Paul spoke mostly to the Romans and knowing their love of the Olympic Games, he taught many life lessons for Christians using the philosophies of the Olympic trainers. Press on towards the goal to win the prize... Phil 3:14
As a society, our love of sports has not diminished and although the world of competition is slowly falling away for our young ones ( as they now only award participation ribbons in many schools and refuse to acknowledge winners) the love of the sport, the challenge, and the triumph is still prevalent.

If I had a class, I would use all of the concepts from below to teach students. I would teach these concepts at the very beginning of the year. I would spend a week focused on these concepts because I see their value in encouraging achievement in and out of the classroom.

I heard a story of a group of athletes, the Vikings. While other countries used slaves to row their boats daily the vikings always rowed their own. When it came time for battle, the vikings, who were strengthened because of their hard work were stronger, fitter and mightier than their opponents. Thus they were a force to be recon with.

What an appropriate concept for everyone. Talent will not get you to be the best at anything, even pro athletes train hard. We need to teach our students that the same goes for the muscle of the brain. My favorite concept was 'show up for practice and for the main event.

10 concepts used in sport to encouraged top preformance.-Coil, Encouraging Achivement

1. Show up for practice and for the main event.
2. Know where you are heading and know what the goal is.
3. Have several game plans, not just one.
4. Don't count on the one thing that is the least likely to occur.
5. Work toward small goals (short-term goals) to reach larger goals.
6. Practice skill before the big preformance.
7. Don't give up because you get a penatly or make a mistake
8. Figure out what you want to accomplish and then plan backwards.
9. Have a choach and have people who cheer you on.
10. Work as a team to get things done.

I would also add a few to use with sports and life.

Start out slow, practice slow and repeat, you will get faster and better at what you are doing.

Don't cheat, it is no fun for anyone and in the end you only cheat yourself.

Find a mentor (someone to cheer you on) and be a mentor (someone to rejoice with).

Learn to be a good sport, when you lose and win.

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