Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello again

Has it really been that long? October since my last blog.
So much has changed.

School starts in 18 Days, (not that I am counting) and it seems we just now have the routine of kids home all day down.

Where did the summer go? I am just now starting to really enjoy it. Late nights, swimming, camping, sleeping in and all the other wonderful things that go along with summer. I hope to keep up better with this blog so that we can share our lives with you as so many of you have shared you lives with me.
Here is a rundown of our year since last October.

January I turned one year older, yet not old enough to join my dear friends (you know who you are) in a (paying) survey. Maybe next year. Husband and I visited Alaska.
February Princess turned 5 and will be starting kindergarten in the Fall
- we discovered that teenager hood may feel like it but it is not terminal. After a rocky start we discovered we will survive Beans entering the 9th grade and thankfully she got most of her brain back. And We spent one week in Utah camping, riding ATV’s and loving every minute of it.
April hubby and I went on a Cruise to the Caribbean and it is as gorgeous as it looks in pictures.
May- Beans turned 16 years old. Hubby and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.
June. Swimming, movies, library, etc. etc. etc.
- Hubby turned one year older, Angel turned 17, Sonshine turned 8.