Sunday, October 12, 2008

The big Freeze

I haven't cooked much all week then I guess I got motivated and cooked 8 meals in the past two days. My friend Jenn motivated me when I went over to her house and her freezer was full of meals.

Chicken was on sale and so I just bought a whole bunch, grabbed a book on tape and camped out in the kitchen with my recipes from "Don't Panic it is in the Refrigerator" and "Once a month cooking."

It must have been that cup of coffee I had at Sonshine's game at 4;30pm. I had so much energy that I just started cooking up a storm around 7:30pm. I finished the main part around midnight.

I also threw in a boneless pork roast and cooked up some butternut squash to eat for lunch today. Wow did I feel on top of the world. I though I would be so stressed out and sorry I started the meals but I wasn't.

Tonight I finished listening to the last CD from the book on tape, when I finished up my meals The house smells good, the kitchen is even clean and my family will eat great.... at least 8 times this month.